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It's all about the stance… Fill the arches even if you're running stock rims

Premium quality magnesium alloy spacers improve the stance and handling of your car.

With dedicated bore for your hub and hubcentric nose to enter your wheel ensuring a safe fitment that’s second to none. Coupled with our longer bolts, and range of premium wheel locks you know you’re getting the job right. Plus with a matt black finish and patented knurled edge, they'll look great on your car.

Spacer kits from 3mm to 30mm
15mm black with extended bolts £199.95
12mm black with extended bolts £199.95

Hubcentric spacers

TPi Spacers with a width of 12mm and above are Hubcentric, meaning they feature a nose that fits into the back of your wheel and a bore that is the same as the hub size on your car. The resulting fitment is ultra-secure and far superior to the fitment of floating spacers.

When fitting Spacers to your car, you'll need to extend the length of the bolt from the standard length to: standard length + spacer width. For example if your car takes a standard 28mm bolt and you use a 20mm spacer, you'll need to bolt the spacers on with 48mm long bolts. If you're in any doubt as to what you need, call talk to us when you order and we'll advise you.



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