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City Map transforms your cars urban performance by smoothing power delivery, improving engine responsiveness, acceleration, fuel efficiency and reducing CO2
It is a popular misconception that long distance and high mileage driving are the most detrimental to a vehicles health. In fact it is urban driving, with its shorter stop go and often bumper-to-bumper journeys, that provide some of the most wearing road conditions that modern cars face.

And it's not just your car that has a tough time. Urban driving, particularly on busy and congested roads can be frustrating, tiresome and take its full toll on the driver. It is in these conditions that all the minor shortcomings in your cars performance characteristics, that are often masked when driving on open roads and on long journeys, become disappointingly obvious.

Nothing is better at revealing the flat spots and uneven power delivery of your cars engine than constantly repeated cycles of low-rev engine idle, followed by short bursts of acceleration, and changing up and down through the gears in quick succession. It is these shortcomings in your cars performance that cause those heart-stopping moments when your cars engine hesitates just as you pull out or overtake, and that make necessary journeys unnecessarily tiresome.
Until now the only remedy has been to accelerate harder and drive through the drop in performance. Unfortunately the consequence of this is increased fuel consumption.

City Map has been specifically developed to improve the urban driving experience by smoothing power delivery and improving engine responsiveness and acceleration. You will quickly notice the sharper response and improved engine dynamics that will deliver a more relaxed and confident drive. And, while the results will obviously depend on your driving style, you can also expect improved fuel efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions and motoring costs.

As with all our Vehicle Performance Applications, City Map will optimise your cars performance characteristics to deliver the driving experience you want.

Simply put; 'your drive, the way you want it, superb performance, great economy - no compromise'.

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