Reducing the cost motoring makes perfect sense, and Motech Eco-map means
that it no longer has to be at the expense of enjoyable driving.
There are three key elements that govern the economy your vehicle is able to deliver; it's specification, it's condition, and you!

Even if you drive with a constant eye on the fuel gauge there is a maximum level of economy that your vehicle, in its standard specification, can achieve. Without correct maintenance even this level will prove difficult to attain.

When it comes to fuel economy, how you drive your car is probably the biggest determining factor. You don't even have to be heavy-footed to see an unwanted drop in mpg. Its just that with the many types of journey you make, and the driving conditions you encounter, for most of the time your cars original set up will struggle to meet those demands without sacrificing economy. All too often the need to focus on improved economy means a compromised and frustrating driving experience.
Motech Eco Map has been specifically developed to re-profile your vehicles engine characteristics, enabling it to deliver improved economy and an enhanced driving experience across all driving conditions. And while the results will obviously depend on your vehicles condition and your driving-style, the reformulated highly-efficient fuel flow, increased power at lower revs, improved engine response and acceleration, combine to deliver a more relaxed confident drive, improved fuel efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions and lower motoring costs.

Simply put, Eco Map optimizes your cars performance characteristics, enabling it to deliver the driving experience you want. In other words; 'your vehicle, the way you want it, superb performance, great economy - no compromise'.

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We have a few simple tips that will further enhance your vehicles economy:

Tyre Pressure. Under-inflated tyres waste fuel.

Carry less. Remove the roof rack if you're not using it. The heavier your car, the more fuel it burns.

Swith off. If you don't have our new Start/Stop technology, switch off your engine whenever possible (for example, in traffic jams).

Drive smoothly. Avoid sharp acceleration and heavy braking

Less Speed. Driving at 70mph can use up to 15% more fuel than driving at 50mph.
Fewer Revs. means less fuel used. If you drive a diesel car, change gear before it reaches 2000rpm. Or 2500rpm for a petrol car.

Air Conditioning. Turn off air-conditioning, when you can.

Plan your journey.
Avoid traffic jams, roadwork’s and getting lost. Try combining your trips or sharing journeys with others.

Regular Service. Poorly running cars are likely to emit higher levels of CO2.

Cold Starts. Don't warm up the engine after starting. It causes rapid engine wear and uses unnecessary fuel.
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