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Q. Will this effect the Warranty?
A. If were 100% honest , Yes if they data log the car, Then they can see its requesting more boost etc. But the chances of any UK dealers doing this is very very small.If you are worried about this and have a service coming up, we can flash the original file back to your vehicle for you. (please note: A charge for workshop hours would apply for this service).

Q. Why doesn't the manufacturer do this
from the factory?

A. The main reason is because the vehicle could be shipped any where in the world and therefore has to perform the same in different climates and on different qualities of fuel.

Another big reason is because of product lines and market position. ie: Audi wouldn't want there A3 to perform better than there S3, which is more expensive, as they wouldn't sell as many. We are confident you will be happy with the improvements our software makes to your vehicle.But if for some reason you are not, we offer a 14 day money back guarantee and will re-flash the original file back to your vehicle. In buying our software you will have a limited life time warranty on it. This applies as long as you own the car and is on our software only.

Q. Should I tell my Insurance company?
A. Yes any change to your vehicle with out telling them will void your insurance. We work closely with Adrian flux Insurance services to give you a very completive quote with a Motech remap installed.
Use the link below and quote the number D1032.

Q. Will this shorten the life of my engine?
A. There are vehicles in the UK with 100,000+ miles on there clocks, running on performance software. Most other companies will say no just to get a sale! But in some ways the Truth is Yes, as you would now be asking parts of the vehicle to work harder and where they would be expected to last for 200,000 miles maybe now only do 170,000 miles.Our tip is too keep on top of servicing your vehicle, use good fuel, let it warm up before driving it hard and then cool down after. All this should help you to not notice a difference in the life of your engine.

Q. Is a tuning box better than a re-map?
A. A tuning box is a way of fooling the vehicles on-bored computer ECU in to upping the fuelling boost etc. Some do this very well and so not so.
There a good way to make power, but were a tuning box is always sending a fixed percentage to the ECU say 7% all the time, the re-maps power can give this when needed. They can be tailored to the drive and they way the vehicle is driven.

For example if your sitting at 60mph just very light on the throttle the tuning box will still be spending the same signal the ECU asking for more. With a Motech re-map the power is on request. If very light on the throttle you want to be asking as little as possible from the car to save on fuel. Also many tuning box's over time will course running issues and on diesel vehicle to smoke very heavily under load.

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