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Motech Supplies Jetex
Jetex area leading supplier of performance exhaust systems, custom exhaust parts, sports catalytic converters and performance air filters
Motech Supplies Jetex

Jetex free flowing aluminised and stainless steel exhaust systems offer subtle performance gains without making a noise about it. They are well known for excellent fitting, good looks and high quality construction.

Jetex are a leading supplier of performance exhaust systems. We offer high quality stainless and non-stainless steel exhaust systems for many popular makes and models. Jetex exhausts are made to reduce back pressure and increase torque and engine performance. Each exhaust is designed specifically for each model to ensure perfect fitting and the right exhaust note. Jetex exhausts perform exceptionally well without making a noise about it.


Classy looks…
Jetex ensure that the right tailpipe is used in order to compliment the car's style, for a subtle but sporty look. Stylish lines are enhanced with a Jetex exhaust.

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Motech Supplies Jetex