Form and function. Performance visualised.

P3 Gauges is a specialist range of gauges that are fully integrated into an OE air vent providing a clean and sleek look once installed. All P3 vent gauges are colour matched to seamlessly match the standard interior light display.

P3 Gauges feature a multi-function digital display that allows you to view critical vehicle metrics like coolant temperature, intake air temperature, ignition timing, speed, RPM (with shift light) and battery voltage. The P3 Gauge also allows you to read and clear fault codes. The feature that gets used the most however if the 0-60!

Currently guages are available for:
Audi A3 8V
Audi TT Mk1
Audi TT Mk2
BMW 1 Series (E82)
BMW M5 (F10)
BMW 2 Series (F2X)
BMW 3 Series / 4 Series (F3X)
BMW M3/M4 (F8X)
Ford Fiesta Mk7
Ford Focus Mk3
Ford Mustang (2015>)
Mercedes CLA/A Class  (Chrome)

Motech EcoMaps
Motech Speed Limiters
Motech ActiveMaps
Motech XMaps

Mercedes CLA/A Class  (Black/Red) Mini (R55-R59) Mini (F55/F56) Vauxhall Insignia
Volkswagen Golf Mk5 GTI (VIDI Type) Volkswagen Golf Mk5 (Boost Type) Volkswagen Golf Mk6 GTI
Volkswagen Golf Mk6 R
Volkswagen Golf Mk7 GTI
Volkswagen Golf Mk7 R
Volkswagen Scirocco R

Currently intakes are available for: BMW M3 E46 BMW M5/M6 V10 BMW ZM4 BMW 3.0T M3/4 BMW M5 M5 V8T JAGUAR F TYPE V6 / V8