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Motech Supplies Pipercross Filters
The air filter is one of the most important parts on your vehicle to maintain peak performance. Motech is proud to offer the full range of Pipercross filters to compliment our range of engine upgrades.

Pipercross has been making high performance air filters for the motor sport and domestic markets for over 25 years. Pipercross Induction Systems remove the restrictive factory airbox to offer the maximum possible airflow into the engine.

All filters use Pipercross composite airflow technology and systems are only released for production when they are bench-flow tested and make an improvement in airflow performance. Pipercross induction sytems are highly recommended for optimum performance.

A Pipercross panel filter will provide the simplest, most effective entry point into the range and fully utilises the Pipercross layered multi-density foam technology and lifetime construction.

Benefits of Pipercross Systems
Direct replacement of original airbox.
Direct fit into airbox - no modification.
Flows 30% more air over standard.
Increased sports intake noise.
Does not affect manufacturers warranty.

Benefits of the design
LIFETIME product warranty. Washable and reusable design. Layered multi-density foam technology.
Designed and made in Britain.

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Motech Supplies Pipercross Filters