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Cuts fuel and operating costs, reduces CO2 emissions, enhances road safety and increases vehicle life. Quite simply no other modification to a standard specification vehicle can produce such instant all-round improvements.
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Most makes and types of vehicles manufactured after 2002 are fitted with an ECU, (Engine Control Unit), effectively a small on-board computer that controls the engines performance characteristics. The programme that a manufacturer installs on a vehicle's ECU effectively defines the performance and driving experience of that vehicle. Included in the manufacturers standard programme there is a sub-programme that acts to limit the vehicles speed by controlling throttle response.

This programming is used by manufactures of all vehicles, from HGV's to super-cars, to govern maximum vehicle speeds. While this programming provides manufacturers with the flexibility to ensure that their vehicles can meet important safety and emissions legislations in many different countries, often this 'one-size fits all approach' is a blunt instrument that fails to reflect operators / drivers 'real world' vehicle use.

Motech Speed Limiter is specifically designed and developed to provide your vehicles with a bespoke limiter programme that is tailored to meet your particular every-day journey requirements.

It produces instant and verifiable reductions in fuel and operating costs, reduces CO2, and for most vehicles it will pay for itself within three months. Where a vehicle's ECU allows, Motech Speed Limiter will also reprogram the rev limiter function to deliver even greater gains.

Suitable for light commercial vehicles, mini-buses, taxis and all make of cars, Motech Speed Limiter is programmed to deliver the performance profile you want and will pay for it self many, many times over.

If your company has an active 'Green Policy', Motech Speed Limiter is an effective and efficient tool that will deliver an important contribution to your CO2 reduction objectives.

Motech Speed Limiter is not just a tool for cost saving, it also delivers important safety gains. The Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007 requires both corporations and company directors to introduce proactive measures to ensure staff health and safety. Where employees are required to drive company vehicles, Motech Speed Limiter guarantees that company driving policies are observed and corporate risk and liability are reduced.

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Road speed limiters were originally developed to respond to the need for increased road safety for commercial vehicles, buses and coaches. More recently their use has been equally focused upon reduction of vehicle emissions, particularly since the introduction of legislation that covers applicable vehicles registered from 2001.