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Peace of mind
Following the test-drive, should you for any reason be less than fully satisfied, the technician will remove the application and reinstall the original program leaving your vehicle in its earlier state of tune. And of course you can rest-assured that every Motech Performance application is back by our
14-day money-back guarantee.

We also keep of your vehicle's stock map, as we take a read file of from your ECU. This is kept if its ever wish to have your car returned to factory settings.

Updated software by the dealer
In the event that your Motech Performance map is over written by the main dealer, we offer a free of charge update*.

This will be done free of charge if it's carried out at our offices, or supplying dealer. You must be the original purchaser - a reinstallation charge will apply. Please call us for more information.

Limited life-time warranty
The limited life-time warranty is only available
to who ever purchases the map, this is non-transferable. This warranty covers our software only.

Please note carbonspeed products are not original manufactures approved. Motech has no responsibility on fitment also if any damaged on fitting ,use ,or removal of the products. Motech Performance is not responsible. Modifications are carried out at owners risk. Any parts added to a vehicle the owner is responsible to notifier there insurance company.

Motech Performance Software reserves the right to refuse any warranty if the ECU has any evidence of tampering or miss-use. Motech may decline the claim should this be evident.

Motech does not warrant against damages or defects arising out of improper or abnormal use or handling of the Product.

Most Motech products have the speed limiters increased. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is not driven faster than the speed rating of the tires on the vehicle in which the Motech map is installed. In no case will Motech be held liable.


Any modifications may invalidate either the vehicle manufacturers or any aftermarket warranty; it is the owner’s responsibility to check before any work is carried out on the vehicle.

Modifications to your vehicle may well improve the performance and as such it is the owners responsibility to ensure that all aspects of the vehicles mechanical condition and the parts fitted to the vehicle are suitable for the increased performance.

In the interest of driver and passenger safety it is recommend that specific attention is paid to the speed rating of the tyres fitted to the vehicle.

It is a specific condition of contract that all modifications are carried out at owners’ own risk.

For more information and details please contact us.