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BMW 435d
I recently had a Remus Powerizer fitted to my BMW 435D by Motech Performance. So far I am really impressed, the extra power was immediately noticeable, as was a genuine 3-4mpg increase in fuel economy under normal driving. The fitting itself was really quick and painless, and I was on my way in just 10 minutes. The extra grunt really shows itself in the higher gears, transforming an already quick car into a bit of a monster! The other bonus is that you can remove the unit as and when you want, and you have the option of being able to sell the box when you move the car on. I would definitely recommend this product, as the value and performance make it a no-brainer!

2014 BMW X3 2.0TD
On my BMW X3 we fitted a Remus Powerizer, I drove it for the first time yesterday afternoon and it's massively improved.  The fuel economy has shot up as well, if it stays the way it is it'll have gained 10MPG! So win win!

Audi RS4 4.2 V8
For me its not about the power. There fast enough anyway. It was the day to day use. It washard work pulling away from the lights, slow driving over speed ramps etc... After the Motech Activemap the car is a joy to drive. It's as easy as the other halfs 1.6 A3 so money well spent . Thanks a lot.

Land Rover Discovery 3 2.7TDI V6
There are 2 main things wrong with the Disco 3. It's bad on fuel and flat to drive. After the re-map the car drives like a car not like a van and we are seeing 3mpg more. The horrible flat spot on quick pull off's has gone too. What more do you want!

VW Golf Mk6 GTI
WOW.... The car pulls so well. It puts the power down just right, the price right and the service was A1! I love it thanks so much!

BMW M3 CS 3.2
For me I just wanted better, better to drive, better response, better feel, better take off and I really got it. Thanks and the advice on the fuel is working too.

Citroen C1 1.0 16v
We love the car, just what we needed. Low tax good on fuel, but being the semi Auto the pick up was very sluggish. Making quick get off's at roundabouts planed attacks. After your re-map its a lot quicker up to speed making for nipper joinery and a lot less stressful.

Fiat 500 1.4 16v
Thanks again Motech, the flat spot has gone and it pull's smoothly up the rev range now. Really worth doing as the dealer was not happy to help me out and told me that's just how they are.

BMW Mini One 1.6
With the cooper being out of our price reach. We wanted a bit more than the one gave us. Not after more power just more fun, well its that now,

2008 - BMW 520D
The performance benefits are obvious, even on a short test drive. There is more torque available at lower rpm and the power delivery is amazing right up to the red line. So far as economy is concerned I'm well pleased. A comparison between the outbound and return journeys showed an (indicated) improvement in mpg of 14%.

2009 - VW Tiguan 2.0 TDi (auto)
This has made a VAST improvement to this car's performance in terms of punch and MPG. I averaged 47.1mpg from Bedford to St Andrews an increase overall of about 10%. The lady really knows how to lift her skirt when she has to run for it!

2008 - Audi A3 2.0 TDi
I was a bit unsure about having it done but after several calls with Mike it was obvious he knew his stuff and he explained he's even doing work for main dealers on brand new cars. After he’d mapped the car I can honestly say its like driving a different car, 3-5 mpg more economical and so much more responsive in every gear.

Vauxhall Astra VXR
To me the VRX is all about power. The map was tailored to my Air filter and my full system ehxhaust with sports cat. The best thing was the map kept the two stage button in the car. No other companies i talked to asked about the parts I had added to my car. This map is Awsome!

Skoda VRS 1.9 PD
With all the bolt on parts done a bigger turbo was on the cards. The stock turbo run at 1.35 bar of boost, with the Active map run i was running 1.55 bar, but, I wanted more! Now iam running 1,8 bar with a Xmap and I've now got over 220bhp!

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