Motech Xmaps
Motech X Map technology delivers more, power, torque and boost,* when and where you need it, unleashing your cars maximum performance potential.
Motech Xmaps
Regardless of whether your car is in standard specification, semi or fully modified1, if ultimate speed and acceleration are important to you X Map will transform every aspect of your cars engine performance. Throttle, injector, boost*, torque, rev and speed limiter settings are all
re-profiled to deliver the ultimate combination of exhilarating acceleration, powerful midrange and formable top speed.

X-Map is specifically designed and developed for fast-road use. It's characteristics also make it perfect for enthusiastic drivers who want to compete at track day or standing quarter mile events 2. Because each X-Map is tuned to work with a specific make and model, you can rest-assured that the outstanding performance gains won't be at the expense of an over-stressed engine3.

Motech X-Map+ is our most highly developed dynamic performance application. It provides affordable access to race-winning performance, and delivers an instant competitive advantage.

X-Map+ is a custom application1 that is individually tuned to optimise the performance of your cars specific configuration and set-up, enabling you to attain the absolute maximum. Developed to meet the punishing demands of our motor-sport customers, X-Map+ is also suitable for highly modified road cars2, and delivers outstanding on-demand performance gains.

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Read about the outstanding transformation in their cars performance that X Map customers report by clicking on our 'Testimonials' page.

As with all our Vehicle Performance Applications, X Map will optimise your cars performance characteristics to deliver the driving experience you want.

Simply put; 'your car, the way you want it – no compromise'.

* 'Boost' only refers to vehicles fitted with a turbocharger
(1) Bolt on parts ie exhaust, air intake or intercooler
(2) See Terms and Conditions for Warranty details
(3) More frequent servicing should be carried out with OE parts and fully synthetic oil.

If ultimate 'across the board' performance is important to you then there is simply no better or easier access to your cars full potential.

Call to discuss your specific performance requirements, and to find out how X-Map+ will unleash your cars maximum power.

(1) Installation may require Dyno Testing
(2) Subject to confirmation of modifications to vehicle,
parts fitted, and vehicle condition.

The new bench mark for ulitmate performance